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My relationship is over!


After a final barney earlier he has just came in from his G.A meeting and packed a bag and walked out. He didnt say where he was going x

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How do you know it's over? X


Oh dear les. Hope the 2 of you can sort it out. x


Hi Les

After reading your post before this one I can't help but think that him leaving could be a good thing certainly in the long run.

Maybe he needs some time out to think. Dont hope, just carry on,,, when hes ready to talk he might. Just get on with your life and treat you well.

A very difficult time for you, so pamper yourself.


Doesn't sound too good. It can make you so anxious when that happens - not knowing what's going to happen next. I've been there and the uncertainty is awful.

Just try to keep your mind off it. Don't chase after him, that could be what he's looking for. I know that's so difficult but maybe he will try talking to you in a few days, maybe even a couple of weeks x

He came back last night and slept on the couch. He phoned earlier and was speaking away. I had told him last night that if he wasnt happy with how i live to go away and get gis own house. He took that as me throwing him out. I didnt say that but i am sick of getting ransacked all the time. I have depression, i struggle with life on a daily basis and he is expecting me to be wonderwoman. Its not possible. My life is so disaorganised the now and yes i want to fix it but my mindset is not letting me. Its a vicious circle where i just keep spiraling downwards. Something needs to give. Sick of all our problems being blamed on me, my depression and my mood swings. Never felt so inadequate in my life x

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I feel like i'm reading a page from my own life with this comment, its hard to explain, sometimes i feel as though if they leave it would all be better, but then i would eventually have to go through it all again with somebody else , and i love him so much. i hope you work it all out, if you find a miracle remedy let me know!

I really want to be with him but i often wonder if two people can love each other but not be made for each other if that makes sense? X

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