"Life sucksss"

Wat is life?? is it all making money, as money can bring happiness is tat true.. I dono wat I want a carrer or a pay checks. I ended up everything, a good job a good relationship, hard to keep myself motivated as life around me sucks.. im a big losser haven't achieved anything... I'm growing older wid no vision in life is tat oly wid me, or r there other guyzz too my life should have a meaning is wat I wish??


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4 Replies

  • It's hard to find a focus sometimes, and when we have all the material things like the job, the money etc, we almost feel guilty for still feeling down. You say you've achieved nothing, but I can see you've had a job and a girlfriend. They are achievements.

  • Hi Lucy,

    I'm really down at the moment. I must focus its high time for me.. regret too much for everything in life.. I dono wat keeps me happy post d breakups life seems like waste, I know I must move on n on as the only thing I have now..

  • Hi Sandy.

    Breakups are hard. We begin to question ourselves and

    Regrets and inadequacies can start to pop up.

    Try not to think too much about the past as a Failure. Keep busy

    And try to meet new people.

    Time too will help so take it slowly.


  • Hey thanx hannah,

    Its kinda weird why do guys wanna re-live in the past knowing d fact dat she is somebody soon to become a wife.. r guys really selfish, you breakup or let she or he marry with someone.. you still wish to b connected no matter wat and say she is mine, won't realise she was once upon a time...

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