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"Life sucksss"

Wat is life?? is it all making money, as money can bring happiness is tat true.. I dono wat I want a carrer or a pay checks. I ended up everything, a good job a good relationship, hard to keep myself motivated as life around me sucks.. im a big losser haven't achieved anything... I'm growing older wid no vision in life is tat oly wid me, or r there other guyzz too my life should have a meaning is wat I wish??

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It's hard to find a focus sometimes, and when we have all the material things like the job, the money etc, we almost feel guilty for still feeling down. You say you've achieved nothing, but I can see you've had a job and a girlfriend. They are achievements.


Hi Lucy,

I'm really down at the moment. I must focus its high time for me.. regret too much for everything in life.. I dono wat keeps me happy post d breakups life seems like waste, I know I must move on n on as the only thing I have now..


Hi Sandy.

Breakups are hard. We begin to question ourselves and

Regrets and inadequacies can start to pop up.

Try not to think too much about the past as a Failure. Keep busy

And try to meet new people.

Time too will help so take it slowly.



Hey thanx hannah,

Its kinda weird why do guys wanna re-live in the past knowing d fact dat she is somebody soon to become a wife.. r guys really selfish, you breakup or let she or he marry with someone.. you still wish to b connected no matter wat and say she is mine, won't realise she was once upon a time...


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