the wisdom of the simpsons

the wisdom of the simpsons

tonight I'm thinking of a classic scene from the Simpsons, where homer converts a demoralizing sign from his boss into an artwork really motivating for him. one to add to my growing scrap book of images to dip into when I need an extra prop.

Does anyone else have some pictures/quotes that do it for them?

Hope everyone has the best night they possibly can. night night.

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  • I remember a peanuts cartoon from years ago where Charlie Brown is flying his kite past Lucy's advice stand and then there are noises off - Lucy goes to investigate and finds Charlie Brown at end of white picot fence with the kite threaded through and asks what happened. Charlie Brown just says 'I don't want to talk about it'. Know it's not necessarily positive but it's just so human and so funny.

  • If we're on Matt Groening creations, I've got to go with Futurama's best character:

    "I am the man with no name - Zapp Brannigan at your service."

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