I've. Been having a hard time beating this depression, it's been worse these last 2 months I also have anxiety and panic attacks I feel like

I'm worthless, useless and ugly I can't find a reason to wanna get up in the morning so I sleep alot and when I am up I feel crummy no energy just wanna be left alone, I just wanna be okay and love me and my life but I don't see that happening anytime soon,

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  • Hi I Amy you are not worthless or any of

    those things, you are being very

    Harsh on yourself. You may be suffering from Depression, I think we all feel

    Bad about ourselves when we were stuck in that dark place.

    There is help out there and you can change things ,

    I'm not sure if you

    Have gone to your Doctor for help or what situation you are in, so it's

    Hard to say a lot except. Please consider visiting your GP for a start and

    Take it from there. It's the first step In Getting well.

    You will find hope and advice and sharing on this Forum as we have all felt

    Like you do now.

    Kind regards


  • Hello BOB here

    Why do you think you are ugly and worthless, why do you suffer the panic attacks ? you must have some very good reasons why you feel this way.

    If you feel flat and have no interest in getting up in the morning, something must be causing this.

    You sound that you may be young, under those circumstances, if you are growing up, many young young people suffer from this type of depression so you just need to realize that no-one deserves to feel that way, your live is a positive thing that should be enjoyed and lived to its fullest extent.

    Now you need too talk to someone you trust, it it is your family or friends, bend the ear of any that you trust and feel comfortable with.

    One thing you should do is talk to your GP tell him how you feel, you at this time do not really give any reasons for this negativity only you are feeling the way you do. Ask the reception for a double appointment, you will need the additional time to explain yourself so they can extend some form of help to you.

    If you are an older person the same thing applies, the most important thing for you to do is talk and talk again to get the problems you have out of your system, and draw in a more positive vibration into your life.

    Remember everyone has needs, no-one should feel so low as not to function.

    Look for things you love, give yourself tasks that will give you a positive outlook to life, love yourself and that will spread to other people you know.

    Life is for living so enjoy. You will always find someone on this site who will always give support and encouragement.

    All the best


  • Hi Amy

    It sounds like you are really suffering at the moment, you are not worthless or any of the other things you say. If you have not done already I would suggest you goto visit your gp for some support. when I thought I was worthless my counsellor told me to ask my friends and family to write down some of my qualities, I was amazed that I had any at the time but now realise that I am not worthless. It was very powerful and I have kept them in a book as a reminder.

    Keep posting on here to let us know how you are getting on

    Jules x

  • Ola Amy, it's ok to feel like that every once in a while, but if this continues you may want to talk to your GP. I only say this because that's how I felt and still feel sometimes.

    Have you spoken to anyone about how you feel? Maybe a close friend? Or family member?

    Someone close to me once said that we are our worst critics, and I totally believe that, especially if you feel you are ugly and useless - which I'm sure is far from the truth.

    Least you've gotten it out on here for others to give you advice and help support you. That's a starting step.

    I hope you start to feel better soon.



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