What to do ?

I don't know where else to turn to .im 26 and I'm usually a happy person but over the last.year I have got more and more down I don't go out anymore ,see and friends .i go to work and come home that's it .sounds bad but I do have a good family put I don't seem to be able to talk to them every time I try my mum gets upset with me .i cry myself to sleep nearly every night just hate feeling this low ,got no friends and the way I am feeling can't see it can get any better !

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  • Have you been to see your GP?

    It would be a good idea to go if you haven't been

    There are other conditions - like thyroid problems - that can lead to you loosing interest in things so it is worth getting that checked out - you may be asked if things are more difficult in the evenings or the mornings - depression tends to be worse in the mornings. If it isn't something else then your GP should be in a position to make other suggestions - which don't necessarily involve medication.

    I spent most of last year feeling very tired and assumed that it was depression resurfacing only to find out as a result of breaking my ankle that I'd actually developed a B12 deficiency and that was why I just didn't have any energy.

    It would be a good idea to explain to the receptionist why you are booking the appointment and as if she can make it a double appointment as this will give the doctor more time to focus. It would also help if you could think through and write down everything you feel is important before you go so that you don't miss things and are in a position to explain things clearly - it can also be a big help to take someone with you who as there could be a lot to take in and if you are stressed it gets very difficult to take things in.

    On your mum - it may be that she is actually getting upset with herself and frustrated that she doesn't seem to be able to help rather than that she is getting upset with you. As a mother she is going to be feeling that she should be able to take all the pain you are feeling away and in this case it is obvious that she can't do that.

  • Hello BOB here

    What are your reasons for the way you feel this way ??

    Many young adults have problems associating with their parents, many parents cannot understand or so you may think..

    One problem here is they have ideas of what the young adult should be doing, and try and put it on the back burner hoping it will go away.

    You have several options here, one you have tried second see the GP preferably a female in your case who will listen and give moral support. Allow time with her make a two period appointment

    You have not given the problems that you are having so it is important you find someone you can talk to.

    Do you have a group of friends that you feel comfortable with. That you can sit and feel safe.

    If you feel like a chat you will get support here.

    All the best


  • H Bec

    Firstly welcome to the site, everyone here is really friendly so you have come to the right place for some support, feel free to post on here as often as you need to.

    I too would recommend that you go and have a chat with your gp, I also find it difficult to tell people close to me how I feel. I have alsofound that taking up new hobbies has helped with my mood for example I have joined the gym and now go swimming regularly, at first I had no motivation to go but told myself it would help and it is. I also go to rock choir, which I would recommend to anyone, always feel better after a good sing!

    Let us know how you get on

    Jules x

  • You must go and see your Doctor as this will not get better on its own. You could write everything down all your feelings and thoughts but be completely honest and your Doctor will be able to treat you the best they can. It took me a long time to admit that I needed help and in the end I discovered that I had depression and anxiety. With the right help you can recover from this. Hope this helps.

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