The Eleventh hour

Of the Eleventh day

Of the Eleventh month

A time to remember

The unknown soldier

But someone’s brother

Someone’s husband

Someone’s father

Someone’s son

A time to remember

Not the waste

Not the loss

But the courage

And the valour

The sacrifice

Made for comrades

For loved ones

For strangers

By someone’s brother

Someone’s husband

Someone’s father

Someone’s son

By someone’s sister

Someone’s wife

Someone’s mother

Someone’s daughter

Been watching the BBC's remembrance programs this week - some really inspiring stories there - including a soldier who was caught when a mine exploded and had to have both his feet amputated ... and he's just starting to race motorbikes in the British Super Bikes.

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5 Replies

  • That's a lovely poem x

  • That's a great post thank you for that. x

    Bev x

  • That's really lovely, my dad's funeral is on remembrance day so we'll be doing a minutes silence for not only the war heroes but my hero

    Jules x

  • Sad time for you - hope you have good memories to comfort you. I tend not to mark the day my dad died but I do still mark his birthday - 13 December - by eating an enormous amount of blackforest gateau - as that was his favourite cake.

  • Hi Gambit, my dads funeral is tomorrow but think going forward I'll try to just mark his birthday every year. Its 9th December, I like the idea of marking it by having his favourite food

    Jules x