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sometimes when we can't have the people whom we love and we dream about them,it feels good...for the mean time of course..but later on when you face the reality,it hurts and it hurts like a hell...i don't know how to happiness inside me and outside...i do not know how can i satisfy with the things i have...i feel alone,totally...i wonder why people can't be like me...or there is no one like me...??? how will i find love??? or i have to live like this the whole life??? can't i have my sister back in my life,as i am now just waiting for her...i think i can't have her like i had her before...

life has changed now...everyone seems to be moving forward except me...and it feels terrible...i want to be successful..but when i am not happy from can i make others happy??? how can i be successful???

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Hi lyfgoeson,

Things take time... You sound like you feel lonely and you want someone who's like you,

but we're all different..

I'm sure one day you'll meet someone you'll have that special bond with, and in the meantime, is there any

other family or friends you can go and spend some time with?

As for everybody moving forward except you, plenty of people do the same thing day in day out, and are quite

happy and content with that.. It's a routine, and a routine can be a good thing, you know where you stand in

life, and if you really want to do different things and move forward, try doing a course in something, or see if there's anything at your local community-centre you could join?#

Good luck :)

Love, Holly xx



there's no one in my nearby area nor any other family nor my friends...they are far...perhaps i lost a best friend too...only for the reason i didn't attend the reunion party...she was my only best i think i have lost her...i am being habitual of letting people happened thrice...funniest thing is today's my favorite teacher's birthday and i wished her but she didn't reply...people change so easily. they take no time..but people like me stay as i am for the whole lifetime...


I don't think you've lost her, there's probably a perfectly good reason why she didn't reply..

Don't think the worst, you sound like a lovely person, I'm sure there's people who love

and care about you..

My family stay far away too, in another country in fact, but I'm still close to them, coz

I talk to them on the computer for 10-15 minutes every day.

Could you not do the same?

And you've got friends on here! :)

Lotsa love, Holly Xxx


Have you tried contacting your sister - just to say hello - rather than waiting for her to contact you?

Holly is right that you probably will just meet the right person one day - it just happens - usually when we least expect it and have totally given up on it - that has been my experience.

People cope with change at different rates ... and there is a whole cycle of coping with change that goes from denying it to, being angry about it, to accepting it and then really being able to live with it ... and you just have to get through it at your own pace. I know it is difficult when people around you seem to have got much further but try to be kind and understanding to yourself.


no i haven't talked to her or called her...i do not know whether she will like it or not...i call her mother once in a month...from that i come to know about her well being...

i do not know why it hurts when you love someone,with same never changes...never lessens...then why the love of other person lessens??? why can't we adjust with the present situation that if that person does not love you or does not value you than he/she does in the past...????


I think I've told you this before but a couple of years ago I had a bit falling out with my sister and it broke my heart. I was so sad for such a long time. It took time and effort on both our parts to rebuild things, but I'm really glad we did x


sometimes we spend too much time looking backwards when we need to be walking forwards. Try not to spend too much time spent regretting old mistakes, or worn out relationships. It is too much like poking at old old scab to make it bleed.

Who are you trying to make happy? Why? Is it really a worthwhile exercise.?

Let Love and successes come to you, at your young age, they will many times over...


i hope so dear...


of course ducks


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