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Found it hard to get out of bed this morning.

Managed to get up and got girls sorted and to school. They don't want to leave me and tbh I don't want to leave them. . . Duvet day on sofa with films sounds like a plan.

House is so empty with them back at school.

Knew this would be a problem. . . . I've got too much time on my hands and no interest to do anything. . . .

I've got counselling call in half an hour and don't even want to talk to them. . . Know I will put 'a mask on' and get it done and out the way.

Sorry for the rambles. . .

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Can you think of things to keep you occupied while they're at school? X


Dear cookie84

I understand how you feel, duvet day and parjama day. It feels good for alittle while but you have to motivate yourself to do something. I personally choose which house chore I want to do and plan few days before for the jobs I really dislike and when that day arrives I do not pressure myself to do it, unless I want to, Believe me this is a working progress and depending on your mood and feelings it maybe OCD or like me I will deal with it when ready, but I have tried to minimise extra house work by involving my family in helping me out.

Anyway my personal opinion is have duvet day's but try and plan for activities starting from 10min and gradually increase your activity time to a comfortable level.



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