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How should the £79-million the Government has just announced for Youth Mental Health be spent?

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Spend it on school wellbeing programmes
Spend it on training and funding community care workers
Spend it on teacher mental health training
Rather spend it on something else...
Spend it on teacher wellbeing
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I think the money should be spent on educating the USA about mental health issues, and stop the stigma. Mental health needs to be categorized as a disease, like all other diseases. Start the commercials, special TV programs, social media, and send flyers. It's the ignorance that contributes to suicide. We are not all crazy!!!

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Fotogrofer in reply to BoomerSwimmer

I think the people of the UK would be pretty upset if the British government spent £79 million on educating the USA.

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BoomerSwimmer in reply to Fotogrofer

I am sorry, I didn't realize that the money was for the UK.

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While teacher training and wellbeing are super important for children’s well-being, we need a fully system approach to allow teachers the freedom to do what they love and were trained to do.

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ShawmindPartner in reply to Jointhedots

Can you explain in a bit more detail?

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Jointhedots in reply to Shawmind

Of course, Shawmind.The measuring of our children, with its focus on the easiest measurable metrics, leaves out so much of the child. Do we all know this?

How valuable is kindness, teamwork and

Innovation through creativity? What are the key skills that the 21st workforce need? What is vital to workforce well-being?

Teachers well-being could be transformed overnight if they were able to teach these valuable tools in school. I do believe teachers well-being has had a hammering for years as they see how the system restricts them from really helping children fulfil their potential.

Training is a valuable tool but for already overworked teachers, the system needs to allow them the freedom to breathe everyday - otherwise, what role models are we providing for these impressionable minds?

Why do we wait until children have left School or University to ask these questions?

In Pre-School and University, your learning style and interests are what lead the learning - why do we stop that in between?

We change so so many hopeful children into believing that learning is not for them....

The irony is that our subject emphasis is on ones that provided the maximum financial output historically. We all know that maximum financial output has lead us to an environmental and well-being crisis. We need to support the next generation to care for our whole system.

Let’s build the future these children deserve.

With hope,


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I’m finding some ideas like ‘cheer for young carers’ offensive and more like virtue signalling. Like so many announcements these days it is ignoring the fact that no children should be expected to be a cater for family members . I was a carer from the age of 7 and so had no real childhood from then on. I couldn’t have friends and despite getting a scholarship to a very well regarded independent school I failed to fulfil my promise because I had no time to complete homework and nowhere quiet to study. I wasn’t able to tell anyone so I got into a lot of trouble.So , yes I have experience of this and I think society has to change and funding must be provided so that disabled or ill parents and siblings have professional care. Every child should enjoy a safe , carefree time for as long as possible.

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Thank you to everyone who has voted!

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79 million?

Why can't it be shared out.

I support Age UK and it's a shame they don't have day centres for the elderly where they pick each one up in a minibus and then bring them back.

Mental health help has been cut because of budget cuts.

No more day centres but peer support are very good to be fair.