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Testosterone boost

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Has anyone tried a natural way to increase/boost testosterone? I haven’t yet had my levels but wondered is there a way to boost levels naturally. TIA

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Don’t take any supplements until after you have had your blood tests. They may interfere with the results.

Wait for your results but there are things that work. D-Aspartic Acid is an amino acid that has been shown to work. 3g on an empty stomach. Take it for six weeks to two months then stop for same amount of time before cycling again. There is lots of info if you do a search and you can get it from ebay, bodybuilding nutrition suppliers and so on.

MrJMan just keep in mind ---

that while * D-Aspartic Acid * might be DANDY

like liquor, Cypionate will be quicker. 😀 👍😀

Good advice regarding " ... do a search ... " but then you should RESEARCH MORE

Best of LUCK

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