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Medical condition diagnosed wrong twice

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I've been diagnosed with ostio arthritis in my spine and I've recently discovered limps on my bones in several places I googled it and it said what they were called and where they would normally appear neck I've got a lump top of my neck on my spine 1 on my collar bone.1 near bottom of my spine.and a painfully 1 on my ribcage I'm waiting for mri scan on my spine and it's been months up to now I try to get appointment with my dr as certain things are happening I've had very bad pains in my legs for many years at first I was told my pains etc was down to my diabetis and I accepted that why wouldent I then I told my dr my brother had to have plastic veins inside his veins but had died of an anurism I was sent to hospital within a week on being examined I was told had good pulse in my legs feet etc and my pain was because I've got ostio arthritis in my spine on seeing my Dr I told him I was told my symptoms were not down to my diabetis and because of my weight loss from 13 1/2 stone to 9 1/2 in 3 years he agreed that something else was up and I need full blood count which I've finally had and will get results next Friday and mri scan which I'm still waiting for and I have to wait for ever from my dr's to receive a phone call then if they think necessary a face to face appointment I think my condition needs more urgent consideration than I'm getting

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You have had your blood tests and you will get your MRI when an appointment is available. I have arthritic changes in my spine (bony growths) and have had neurosurgery on my cervical spine to make the passage of the nerves from the spinal cord easier.

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