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Mysterious chest pains. . . Or not so mysterious chest pains?

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I have ongoing chest pains, which feel like a cardiac problem. Tests at my local hospital, however, have proved negative. Nevertheless, any strenuous physical exercise is now liable to set off a heavy "pressing" sensation on the left side of my chest. Indeed, these outbreaks can also result in pains across my back, plus persistent tingling sensations in my left hand. The one thing missing, however, is that I have no shortage of breath. My breathing remains untroubled at all times. So is it possible to have an impending heart attack without breathing problems?

I do have IBS, and I understand that this condition can affect the chest, as well as the stomach and bowels. All the same I have now micro-managed my diet to the point whereby I no longer experience any noticeable IBS symptoms. Yet the chest pains continue unabated. As a result I have now given up my exercise regime - swimming, running, cycling etc - which I find grievous, having exercised for many years now. Nevertheless, in my present state of unknowingness, I feel I can no longer take the risk. Please advise.

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You need to get back to your GP. A chest x-ray might be helpful but this definitely needs further investigation particularly if it is affecting your ability to exercise.

As the others have said, always push for further investigations to rule out sinister heart related issues. There are a load of things that can cause the symptoms though: Reflux, trapped nerves, inflammation of the lining of the lung (sorry I don't know the official term), muscle tear around the ribs. Obviously there is no point in saying don't worry because we all worry and that is cool as it means we act (or we should act) when we get a symptom like this. I hope it turns out to be something simple but just push like mad to get it checked properly.

NumptyOne - thanks for listing those non-cardiac possibilities - they'll all new to me. I am left-handed and I do lift heavy objects using my left side: one of my bicycles, for instance, is a weighty ebike, which has to lifted and duck-shuffled out of my front door, always on my left side. It's food for thought, certainly. . .

I've had two chest x-rays, blood tests, plus a procedure (I can't recall the name) which had a nurse applying pads to one's chest. On both occasions the results proved negative.

The one mystery that concerns me more than anything else is the fact that my breathing remains wholly unaffected whenever I experience these chest pains. I can only repeat myself here|:

Is it possible to experience the beginnings of a cardiac attack without this affecting one's breathing??

I'll do that - & thanks for the tip. Of course, this is no easy matter given covid and the pressures the NHS is under at present. But one's life is also important. . .

You might be suffering from an inflammation where the ribs and breastbone meet.I had pains on the left side of my chest and had various tests done, which came back negative.

It turned out to be an inflammation and I was prescribed an anti-inflammatory drug which cleared it up.

I hope i am not been rude but could it be possble its trapped wind? i get chest pains but drink gripe water and pass wind its eases down

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