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Pain in testicles

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I am quite an active person. I have found over the past year or so that if I don’t wear tight fitting underwear, my balls start aching as the day goes on. Is this common?

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Some information for you:

Great information. Thanks.

Hi it wouldn't be a common problem to have. you really should have it checked with your doctor there are several different conditions with similar symptoms.

I have this happen if I don't wear boxers while I run or do anything where my balls are loose and free . I think it's because they are banging against each other.

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Saucisse in reply to kparker211

Yes. That was my theory too. But I will have a word with my doctor as well.

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jaglad in reply to kparker211

It could well be the balls knocking but also perhaps some sort of torsion issue ? I had similar sounding issue some time ago, the cause of that was lifting and twisting whilst at work

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