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Weird rash round right scrotum


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Does anyone else get a rash like this in right groin just next to scrotum? It looks blistery but isn’t, it’s like a shiny scaly rash. Not STI related and also had a GP look before and she couldn’t really identify it

It seems to disappear then come back every few months then is gone within a week?

Wonder if heat related or folliculitis?

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Looks like a fungal infection. “Jock Itch”. You can get anti fungal medication from a pharmacy. But any worries, see a doctor again. Oh an also are you using cotton underwear?

Yes i do do, why?. I thought about socorrito but she sent the picture last time to other GPS etc and they weren’t familiar with it but weren’t concerned either, so I’m not concerned as such as it’s been on and off for a few years now. Hoping if it’s serious it would have taken me out already haha

Just cotton is better than synthetic in moist areas.

BexyBoy in reply to ma57uk

Has lichen planus been considered?

No but it could be that. It sounds like that clears on its own generally?

Yes, I've had it a couple of times. It lasts about six months changing from lumpy to flat (=planus), then disappears for a couple of years. A bit itchy, but otherwise harmless. In my case not between the legs, but mainly on the inside of my forearms, but also inside my mouth.

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