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1381 ng/dL total testosterone natural baseline


My total test is ~1400 ng/dL naturally but my SHBG is ~130 nmol/L which brings my free test to only ~120 pg/mL (~0.8% of my total T) with albumin at 4.7 g/dL

I'm supplementing boron, magnesium, vitamin D3 +K2, zinc, eating bok choy and 50% calories from carbs , 200g protein, 4250-5000 calories daily extremely clean literally no cheat days for months and my SHBG is still super high.

My cholesterol, electrolytes, and glucose numbers are great. I'm 27 years old, 5'9" 189 lbs 8% bodyfat. My estrogen is about 2% of my total test.

This is the first time ever checking my bloodwork, I've never use androgens or any other hormone or performance drug so the results absolutely shocked me. I checked them again at the same time 2 weeks later (got the same results). I also checked them later at night and my total T was 940 ng/dL, SHBG 113 nmol/L and my estrogen was super low, free was 88 pg/mL. My doctor said he has never seen these results before and is sending me to an endocrinologist, but that's a month away.

So I'm kind of looking for some insight, this seems extremely rare from what I find online. I'm hoping someone can shed some light on this for me.

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Your endocrinologist will be able to give you a proper diagnosis as to what is causing this. It could be a tumour but hopefully not. You may also have/get fertility issues

jlietz93 in reply to Osidge

Yeah that's about as far as I know. Thank you for your reply

Hour doctor is the only person to discuss this with.

At your age and physical shape, things look pretty good. Many young men have testosterone levels naturally higher than what you have. I wouldn't get to overly concerned.

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