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Do you think most males "experiment " as teens?


Do you think most guys have tried playing with other men at some stage in their life? Wether it be as a teen or a young adult? Is this normal? I used to play with my step brother as a teen as we were the same age. As a young adult I played as well. I am happily married to an amazing lady now and haven't done stuff with guys for many years.

Surley I'm not the only straight guy who has done this?

On the other hand (no pun intended) are there any gay guys who have experimented with women at some stage?

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I think alot of us have had some curiosity and done some exploring. I have had group sex where everyone forgets their fears. I admit it was lots of fun during the moment.

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And in there were both genders playing with whoever wanted to play? I have done a 3way with 2 other guys and other times a lady and a bi guy. Many years ago now though

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Yes it was a free for all with no worrying about anything. Everyone had fun with everybody.

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Would have been messy. 😉 but fun for sure

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Lol was def messy and fun!! That's why we had to do it a couple times😉 Practice makes perfect

Yes to both.

I am gay and I had sex with women in my youth. In part it was to test out whether I was really gay and for while I thought I was just confused, the bi then I actually had full sex with a man! But I am glad that I did it. I think it helps to know what the alternatives are if only to be sure about who you really are.

And I played around with straight lads at school. It was a normal thing to do. Girls were either uninterested or hard work. A fumble with your mate didn't require hand holding, flowers and endlessly talking....

Even in my twenties, a couple of the guys I had sex with went on to marry women and are straight as far as I know.

Part of me thinks that there is physical sex and emotional sex. If you are horny enough you can have physical sex with anyone (and anything!), but emotional sex is something else. That is what I discovered when i really started having sex with men.

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There is def a difference between physical sex and emotional sex without a doubt. Physical sex is lots of fun during the moment and with the right person or people without inhibitions is some of the most fun you can have

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I experimented with both boys and girls when I was younger. I’m very happily married now to my wife but I still think about penises a lot. I like looking at pictures of them and fantasise about sucking and playing with another penis.

Thanks everyone for sharing

Thanks for admitting your feelings.

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I’m gay but have done straight online friends who like to fantasise about gay sex, harmless stuff


Well said. Thanks.

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