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Oozing ejaculation


Why is it when I masturbate and ejaculate, my cum just oozes out rather than shoot far onto my chest or at least my belly button? I tried holding back as long as I can, but it still just oozes out and roll down my shaft!

I am in my early 50s, but I can remember in my younger days, I was able to shoot over my chest.

Any exercise, techniques to strength my ejaculation?

I was circumcised over 2 years ago so not sure whether that caused this or not.

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It is not uncommon fir the vigorous ejaculations of youth to wane with the passing of years. Your sexual function is no different to other bodily functions in that respect.

Edge for a bit, you’ll be hitting your face before you know it.

It’s different for every guy. I’m 45 and still hit chest; my other half is 36 and and oozes when he blows. He’s never “shot” a load in his life.

Agree with Adverse - try edging for a bit and see it that helps.

MrKenny in reply to GayDadx2

I tried edging and holding back as long as I can but when I relax it just drips out rather than shoot far. I think it happened after my circumcision just over 2 years ago. I know a person over 58 and he shoots far and multiple times.

Probably an overshare - but some of the best sex I’ve ever had with another guy had nothing to do with how he cums (shoots or oozes).

The main is that who over you’re getting off with, that you both have damn good fun and really enjoy it.

The linked site offers a solution which should help. The principles apply although the article is directed toward a different, although related, problem. uclahealth.org/urology/work...

I agree if you edge for awhile it seems to make it much more powerful

I'm 70 now and barely ooze anything ! Like you I squirted well in my teens. I think it's just the ageing process.

MrKenny in reply to BexyBoy

Hope so and not due to circumcision

BexyBoy in reply to MrKenny

I don't see how circumcision could cause this!

I find I cum further now after my circumcision but not as intensely. Not always easy but try to 'shoot' on the backward stroke for more intensity.Follow the link given to those kegal exercises. I recommend them.


Consider yourself fortunate. I've had my prostate removed and don't cum at all.

I am 54 and often my semen dribbles out if I masturbate too often. I find edging and abstaining for a couple of day helps very much. I recently went 2 weeks without ejaculation, when I did it was pretty quick, very pleasurable and I shot over my head onto the headboard!

It’s the age thing like playing golf... younger hit the furthest and by the time they get older the less distance 😃

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