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Suggest the best way to shave pubic region


I use a razor to shave pubic hair. I am facing with rashes and red acne everywhere I use the razor. its painful. Please do suggest me techniques to shave my balls and the area around the anus

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Let a professional sort it. They can give you advice on skin treatments and hair removal products that's best for you.

But if that question was just silly banter may I suggest using sandpaper and wire wool!

Trim to carpet level instead using scissors.

Try these?

Use trimmer. Best way. I have used razor but with that i got cuts mostly. Then i switched to trimmer. Now i trim every sunday and keep area clean. But me too wanna a way to remove balls hair.

Harry’s has the best razor blades. Better than from a drugstore shelf. I’ve used them for years. Be gentle on your balls as you shave and they’ll be so smooth. Great for oral play without getting hair in your teeth 😁.

Play Ball!!

Don’t shave there unless you need to for medical reasons. Firstly, it always comes back thicker anyway, so you just end up shaving more, secondly, what’s natural is always better, mess with nature and you get problems, inbalances etc, think of your skin as an ecosystem, you cut down the trees and the landslides start ;) I feel sorry for women having to maintain bikini lines, at least men don’t have to do that !

Garrett0606 in reply to BBPete

To each his own opinion, Pete. Enjoy your hairy balls. I’m a ginger without a lot of hair so shaving is not bothering my skin. Dark, hairy guys may be different. Last night my partner proved to me again how oral ball play Is out of this world. I aimed for the net twice and scored both times.

Saddened by your response, I was offering advice, not being judgemental. I’m a medical professional specialising in dermatology.

Garrett0606 in reply to BBPete

I am sorry you were saddened, BBPete. I’m a professional musician, and bad musical technic hurts me, I guess, just like bad dermatological practices hurt you. I teach voice, and bad vocal techniques can damage the vocal mechanism. And yes, that’s sad. We can’t fix everything. But I sure wish flat singing would disappear forever. Shaved pubes and flat singing just won’t go away. Neither, however, is really terminal, nor harmful, are they?

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