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Feeling pain while erection


Hello !

I have been masturbating for a long time. I have started it from an early age like 6ys. And I still masturbate. But few weeks ago (6-7) I came to know about the sex chat on the internet so I started doing it. During sex chat I always had erection that lasts for 6-7 hrs everyday. I masturbated like almost everyday and some for 3 times in a day. But now I am feeling some pain in my veins of the shaft(penis), I also noticed that there is some kind of lump of the veins like a small gap or pit ( I think some kind of veins displacement has done). I am so worried now. I don't feel pain for long. It pains until the erection. And when I try to make more hard I feel pain emerging from that vein lump. Pls anyone can help me. Should I be worried about it. Pls do reply.

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You probably have nothing to worry about. But I would advise holing off masturbating for a while.

Give yourself a rest and see how it goes in a week or so.

Try using coconut oil, it’s a natural anti-inflammatory while masterbating.

HelpMe_ in reply to At1012

Ok. Thanks for it.

Show a photo of the erection please and where pain is

HelpMe_ in reply to Goaspirit61

Ok I will try to show

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