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I need advice about my erectile dysfunction

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Two months ago I had small car accident, no physical injury but I experienced big stress and after that I noticed that I got ED. Before that everything was normal. I haven`t been to doctor yet, I have kidney stone routine control (every year) for 6 months so I was thinking to ask my urologist then. In meantime I will try to find solution by myself.

My observation:

- during mastrubation there is a moderate chance that it will jump on some 25%, if I am really horny it can jump shortly to 60% but very quicky it falls off when I stop mastrubating

- no morning wood (sometimes rarely it can be on max 25% in morning)

- I tried nofap program couple of times but failed after short time, during that I noticed that after some time of not mastrubating when I mastrubate again I got some feeling like my penis is unstretched, like some tickling

- I am also moderate porn addict (without problem I can name 20 porn actress), before stress situation I tend to mastrubate 2-3 times a day

- I don`t exercise much, I have office job so I spend my day just sitting and laying down on my couch when I got home

- I tend to have 6 hours sleep on day

I started last week this:

- No fap program (no porn, no mastrubation) - currenty I am on day 7

- Gym

- More activity in nature, football - healty life

- Most simple solution would be that my testerone level is down.

I am scared that I don`t have venous leak or blood vessel narrowing. What would be symptoms for that?

3 Replies

Better meet a psychiatrist or urologist. There are medicine. May be you need to taste your testesterone.


Sounds to me like you might not have completely dealt with the stress and mental impact of your accident. Might be worth looking for help on that side of things as you often don’t realise how much of an impact these things can have on you physically


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