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What should I do to cure the backache

Hello I’m Godsent from California but live in Cleveland Ohio..I’m 60yrs old having backache for 1 year now what should I do ?

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Have u seen a chiropractor or osteopath. I would see someone that specialises in treatment of the back.

I found out after two years of pain in groin i had two herniated discs been seeing a osteo and im much better.

Go see your physician and if exercise is approved tey yoga. It's very good for spinal alignment and stretching.

you can go to your gp and ask to be sent to see a physiotherapis they well give you a full emanination as see how you might be doing thing the wrong way. it may take a few month as its on the NHS they have helped e a lot have you heard of wowcher its a site you can google and you get a very cheap 1. hour of accupunture that may keep you going until you see the physio then there are another few of those site. living social is anothe one, you just print what town your from and look for acupuncture there are lots of differnet ones on offer, even massages's but i found the acupunture helped me most while while waiting to see the physio therapist. all the best if you need any more help let me know what town are you from and i can leave you a link and get you started. love grace xoxo

I served in the army 32 years so I have some disc and hip issues. I can say yoga and stretching have been the most useful. I'm back to running and weightlifting.

wocher.co.uk. also livingsocial.co.uk just write the town your from on each othe the different sites and type in acupuncture or even massage. its cost hardly any money at all. one of the acupunture i went to in edinburgh cost me £7 another one i went to cost £25 but they reall cost of most acupunture is £45 a session. they may try to sell you tea or tablets but dont take them as you dont know whats in them you have to buy them at £40 if you take them. tell a lie for the right reason that you dont have that amount of money on you today. let me know how you get on. if you have any difficulty let me know what town your in and i will look for you as they sell 1000s of things as well as massages cheap hair cuts acupuncture you name it they have it. wishing you all the best and please let me know how you get on. warm regards. grace xoxo

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im in edinburgh you just go to the top and put your town in. and then so the same with living social i didnt like the way those links links came out even i couldnt understand them. hope this helps. let me know. thanks grace xoxo

Het a massage on a weekly basis for a month or so. That should help

hello dear i was looking at those links i posted. the best thing to do is put wowcher into google as your not seeing it the way it should be seen and the same with living social. just go to google and type wowcher then click on it and you will see it properly. like this. wowcher.co.uk/deals/edinbur...

i didnt realize you were in cleveland ohio but there will be things like that there too. you may have to look and google them but i hope you find something to help. love grace xoxo

iv tried this for cleveland ohio. groupon.com/local/cleveland you will have to give them your email address good luck. groupon.com/browse/clevelan...

I’d suggest sleeping on the floor. That is what I do! Hope it help.

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