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Addicted to sex?

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Hi guys, I am 45 years old, and got divorced about 1,5 years ago. Since then I have started to meet women via internet, to visit sauna clubs, to join swinger parties, frequently. I become like a bull, released from his chains. Since two months I am in a relation with a slightly older woman, with whom I am having a good time and she satisfies all my needs in bed. However I still continue on visiting the clubs, joining the parties, and especially paying for sex. As a divorced man who is on the urge of mid-life crisis, I am walking through a strange period of my life but I question being addicted to sex. Does any of you experience such a case?

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Keep on enjoying

Either you do nothing for your living or you have lot of money your age most people focus on earning money , fulfilling their once left hobbies, and spending quality time with their families

Try something spiritual if you really think you are done with these kind of activities. As you would never ever satisfied even after your 1000 sex partners and would never find a peace in your life ...Bull chain release this is bulshit yoga ,exercise , meditation, and think deep about your life how you ruining it with just for bodily pleasure ..

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Unzipped in reply to asg2485

3-4 months ago I started boxing again and it releases my tension. Not yoga or some spiritual activities but camping makes me think about my life.

Yes I do work for my life, and its highly stressful. I am frequently away from home for business trips and especially at these trips I pay to make my trouser unzipped. It is one of the ways to get rid of stress.

I do not know your age asg2485 but I am at an age that a man knows that earning lots of money does not make you but the woman happy, while spreading legs for this man.

Indeed I lost trust in women. Or lost my respect to them and now, I insert my cock to each available woman, just focusing on my own pleasure. It might really be a sex addiction, or an age issue before man turns his 50, or side effect of divorce. That's my question.

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Jdouk6907 in reply to Unzipped

Having been close to the other side and loosing the respect and trust of women I would say, live life, be happy but be safe about it. Once you heal your mindset will change again and you will find your mate you meant to be with.

In the meantime have fun, don’t get into anything too serious Because if your not ready it won’t last. This new girl maybe be satisfying your sexual needs but does she fulfill your heart?

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At the moment the relationship is more being sexually attracted to each other and having good time than emotions. We are old enough to know what to get from each other. Both of us have their own lives and no one bothers the other.

Jdouk6907, you had similar experiences I guess. Trust is not easy to gain and healing will take time. Although the answer is not hidden between the legs of women, I keep myself on the joy side of life.

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Jdouk6907 in reply to Unzipped

That’s a good distraction 😁

Right. Indeed I had two tough cases before meeting with my woman. I got them from regular women, both at their 30's, trying to get pregnant from any dick. (If a man wants to be completely empty, they really milks your dick to last drop). Professional women are more aware of issues and not every one let you get in naked, unless they are free from STD and trust in you that you are clear.

So I have more trust to professionals than a few nights stand women.

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