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Circumcision after a year

Hey so after a year it’s fully healed. It’s only in the last few months for me the swelling went all the way down so did take a while for those who are worried. Just wondering how you guys found the sensitivity? I’ve noticed a big difference recently. Especially mastubation where I’m not getting over the line enough to cum sometimes so just wondering how much difference you guys found. Anyways I posted what it looks like now after a year

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Hey man. What do you mean you’re not getting over the line enough?

And I guess your sensitivity went down?

Thanks for your post

Hey. I explained that badly I meant the point where you know your going to cum soon

It looks very good, very well healed!

If you've issues with less sensitivity recently, your glans most likely has dried out a bit. Try to apply a moisturizer daily or even better masturbate with a (hand) lotion. It will bring the sensitivity back!

The glans changes at a cellular level to assist it to cope without a foreskin to protect it. That does mean a loss of sensitivity that no moisturiser will bring back.

I'm sorry but that's not my experience. Are you circumcised?

No need to be sorry. Perhaps you have been fortunate. cirp.org/library/sex_functi...

True, It’s a process called keritinization, tin which extra layers form to protect the naked glans from abrasion. It continues to worsen with age.

Thanks timmyboy20. I use lube but never thought of lotion and yeah over time the head has dried out. I get what you mean.

I had mine done 6 weeks ago it's still abit swollen . When i masturbate it's still abit sore at the top. But good too hear that the swelling will go down. Yours look good mate.

Thanks, yeah it will go down took me a good few months until it went completely and get back to normal with mastubating. Yours looks good too mate.

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Did you get a frenuloplasty or frenectomy (complete removal of the frenulum)?

Can you post a pic of the under part of your frenulum?

Yeah my frenulum was removed, is that common?

Yes very common, can you show us the area down there? Thanks it would be very helpful

When you granted consent for a circumcision, you granted consent to have approximately 15 square inches of highly-innervated acutely erogenous tissue excised from your penis. You will always have less sensation.


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Sadly true.

It seems each of us react differently to circumcision for me it is a bit of a mix. Now my climax is often more intense but I also find that I too "do not get over the line enough" and find it more difficult to regain a hard on if I 'go soft'.

But definitely use coconut oil or similar, it does help.

Use coconut oil for what?

As a lubricant. It feels good and can help protect the exposed head.

Oh ok, any recommended brands?

No I think they all pretty much the same. Just the least expensive.

It standard coconut oil so buy it from supermarket, don't bother with health food shops and the like.

Looks good,

Did you go private or NHS?

Thanks and private

Did you have a medical condition or just personal preference?


Where did you go for the op?

Now, it is what it is. One remedy is foreskin restoration. There are also sleeves commercially available which you can wear to help restore sensitivity. Yours is a common complaint.

Cool thanks yeah thought of that

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