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Weird skin problem on penis and some other parts of my body too


Hello people! this is my first post here and I really have a weird issue going on with the skin of my penis and i'd really like to know what's happening before I proceed to visit a doctor.

Due to some personal family issues i've been ignoring this condition since a lot of time and i've been stressed up on other stuff as well in life so i couldnt get a chance to visit a doctor still but today i think its time to seek some information about it

Problem: almost 4 months ago i noticed some weird tiny patches on the sack of my testicles (pardon my words please, not so good at english) i ignored them because i thought its a temporary problem and it will go away on its own, after 2,3 days i could feel a little itch happening on those patches still i ignored them and after a month or so the problem got forwared to my penis as well, my penis upper skin has gotten very werid i can't explain just take a look at the pictures please i've attached them, you can see the upper side of my penis is covered with that skin condition but the below side of the penis is still fine. Also from last 2 days im getting weird tiny spots on some parts of my body im attaching the picture of that as well. Also the affected area is not much itchy but sometimes it itches but not often.

Some background about me: I'm 21, im currently studying and working as well. Im a virgin. I've never had sex with any girl. (But i do masturbate almost daily..) secondly i dont drink or smoke or any such thing.

Im a very hygienic person i keep everything clean always, i take 2 showers per day. and i take extra care of my private parts i keep them clean always. I dont know how i got this problem plus my diet is normal as well.

Im a little under weight. im 50kg at the moment. Please can someone enlighten me if this is a serious problem? Is this a chronic disease? is it any sign of cancer or stuff? im kinda scared lol. Thanks!

I can attach more pictures if anyone needs.

Please help me Thanks!

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you are probably washing too much. Stop using soap on your penis. Excessive washing dries out the skin oil and causes dermatitis.

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