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A successful chronic non-bacterial prostatits story:


I had the chronic non-bacterial prostatits for 4 years with a severe pain and problems. I visited lots of specialist during this time in United States and started reading from internet and books, but non of them really helped me that much. The problem about this sickness is that the physicians do not know anything about this illness. Even there are some books or clinic with expensive treatment plans which are in my opinion just crap and wants to get money from you. The pain was so strong sometimes, that even I got a depression.

I finally visited a doctor outside of United States, in a vacation to middle east and my doctor gave me some suggestions that helped me a lot in the first week of treatment and I was completely cured after 5 month. He also have a website in internet that lots of his patients asked him questions and he answered them, which gave valuable answers, but unfortunately it is in another language than English.

He showed me where prostate located under the bladder in a picture in his office. Then, he told me my problem was started because I was erected without sexual release. His treatment was simple: whenever you become erected just release yourself.

Basically what is important is we should not be erected for a long time (for example, it puts lots of pressure in prostate if you be erected without release for 30 minutes), and if it happens you should release yourself. He told me even in our sleep, we may be erected, so releasing yourself (by sex or masturbation) once in 10 days is a good idea.

He also gave me alpha blockers for 20 days, but he mentioned it is not that much important.

Another thing that helped me a lot was not wearing tight pants and cloths. Especially wearing tight belts puts lots of pressure to your prostate, which makes you worse.

Finally, I noticed massaging your belly near the place your prostate located helps a lot when taking a shower.

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