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Strange thing in incision wound? Pic


Hi guys,

Currently 16 days PO & halfway through my antibiotics for an infection, when I was cleaning my wound several days ago I noticed this little white/grey thing in my incision line (between the 2 stitches) at first I thought it was a white head from the infection but as the days passed it seems to be a little bit of what I can only describe as cartilage type of stuff, if I touch it with a cotton bud feels solid, does anyone have any idea what I can be, it pokes out a little to if I press around it? It's as if it's in between the part where the 2 parts of skin have been seen together. Other than this it's all going well, a little tender but otherwise fine.

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Thank you, it's not the skin or anything that concerns me it's the little lump in between the 2 stitches, it's hard to explain but it's like a little hard bit of material in the incision line, approx 3 mm long from what I can tell.

That does not look normal. I would see my doctor.

SepVik in reply to Bucky85

Better go to a doctor at least to check that there is not an infection.

What ever it is, i don't think it is supposed to be there. I would check with my doctor.

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