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I can’t ejaculate while having sex


Hello y’all so my problem is I got recently married and I was a month with my wife on the Philippines cause she lives there and while I was here we were having sex almost everyday and on all those days I could not cum while having sex with her I don’t know what to do tho I was at my doc tho he said I should stop masturbating it can Also be the cause

So yeah what should I do? Do someone had a similar problem ?

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Test your sperm count

I’ll see cause my wife is still on the Philippines tho she’ll be here maybe March next year so I’m thinking to stop masturbating till she’s here with me so we can try it together.

And I don’t want to do it with a other woman tho

Nah I don’t feel nothing like nothing it takes me so long then I can’t anymore I’m still hard and everything I can go more but I just don’t feel that I’m gonna ejaculate like it feels like I’m never gonna finish

Unless you want children, maybe this is a lucky problem, at least for your wife. Many women complain that their partners finish too soon. If you can ejaculate with hand or oral stimulation maybe she will be willing to help you get to orgasm after she has orgasmed?

You just take a long time to come. I'm the same way. It can be frustrating. I know.

I don't know any magic formula for you to try other than

try different positions. Clearly it helps to not be wearing a condom.

And if necessary, ask if you can't try masturbating with her after penetration. She can lick your balls or your nipples while you get off. Right?

Main thing is - DON'T WORRY yourself about it. It's okay.

We really try everything but I can’t she was giving me head and a handjob and everything but I can’t and yeah it really feels frustrating tho really bad

Can you achieve orgasm on your own? Are you not aroused or attracted to her? Maybe you should pre-game yourself. Start jerkin' it in the bathroom before you bang, get close enough, but not fully to orgasm, then give it a minute, go in and have sex. You should cum just fine. The issues here are likely desensitization from porn, frequent tight grip on yourself when masturbating, and general disinterest or not fully aroused. An erection doesn't always mean you're aroused. It's a good indication, but I had a gf for two years that I never came inside of because I felt like she would get pregnant. I was 17 at the time, so go figure. We were using condoms too. Didn't matter, it was a mental block. You just need to relax, breathe a lot, and let the sensations overtake you.

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