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Can't ejaculate while awake

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So I'm 19 years old and I've never been able to ejaculate via masturbating or sex. However, I do have wet dreams about once or twice a month. I am a perfectly healthy male currently taking no drugs, so I am wondering what is the problem. It's frustrating as my partner can never satisy me nor can I satisfy myself. Also, in the future I hope to have kids so I want to be able to get this resolved.

Whenever I masturbate/intercourse, it barely feels satisfying so I am wondering if it's a lack of sensitivity (I'm circumcised)

Anyways, please let me know what I can do

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Meet a Psychiatrist

What's the longest time you have you tried resting from any stimulation? My experience when younger was that ejaculation from masturbation was stronger, quicker and easier after a period of 2 weeks' abstinence. The more I masturbated (eg daily) the longer it took to get to orgasm.

You have answered your own question. Your circumcision removed most of the sexually sensinive nerves from your foreskin. Not all circumcised men have this problem but some do.

Check with 15 Square to see if they can help.

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