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Scarring, size loss circumcision.


Hey, I was wondering if there were any products to reduce scarring and when should I start using them (I'm almost 5 weeks post-circumcision). This is because I've still lost 1.5cm in length after the OP and I heard stretching and scar-reduction will help increase the skin's elasticity. I also have some "extra skin" on the sides of my penis near the gland but I heard that should go down in a couple of weeks/months.

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Hi the best recognised product to reduce scarring is bio oil.


Ask your surgeon. Usually nothing is required

Everyone who is circumcised has a scar. Some are small and some are large but the scar is there. The circumcision scar is unique because different types of tissue are fused together at the scar. There frequently is a sharp colour change.

You may stretch the residual skin after your circumcision to increase its length

It seems that we "lose" some length any time our member is disturbed. Your loss may be due to your body trying to protect itself. You had (or have) stitches and any time they're stretched there's pain and the body retracts to avoid the pain. Give it time. This "loss" should go away once your body learns the pain has gone. One positive I have found (I'm 6 months post op) is that my scrotum has become fuller and feels larger since the foreskin is no longer tugging it upward. Hope this helps. Cheers!

Antdestroyer1 in reply to Vice69

I'm just a bit worried because I'm almost two months post op and I'm still missing half an inch. Haven't had sex yet because it's still s bit painful ( I tried).

Vice69 in reply to Antdestroyer1

It took me past 4 months to feel some sense of normalcy. I started having sex around this time and it didn't feel that great. Everyone heals differently. I'm 7 months post and I still have a thin "band" around the stitched area. But sex feels much better now. My doc said it could take up to a year to see things settle into place.

I had my circumcision a year ago, following an auto immune disease. I was surprised to find I'd lost just under an inch in shaft length. I have to admit to not chasing it up with doctors. I'm now a year in and so far, no change. Still shorter than before. Because of that, overall it looks fatter than before! I've not tried any stretching exercises, if hey exist.

Actually scar tissue is the biggest issue in any surgery. Generally scar

tissues can be reduced quickly after a surgery. Since it is very tender

area I am not sure what kind of exercise can be done.

I did lot of icing and my swelling and maybe scar(not sure)has

decreased significantly. I take ice cube and gently roll them

on the swelling/scarmark. But icing can reduce oedama/swelling very quickly

(not a good thing as the oedama provides nutrients for healing).

I am 28 days post surgery. Very little swelling or scar. I am not icing

now will again start may be after 2 weeks.

Icing has helped me most.

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