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Circumcision recovery - is this ok?


Been around 5 weeks now since the big snip!

First two weeks were proper grim.. intense discomfort and ended up with a nasty infection on the underside with lots of pus and blood. However, antibiotics and salt water did help clear that up massively.

I know that the aesthetic is not the main point of aesthetic, but do you think this looks on track for 5 weeks of healing?

Slightly concerned that not all stitches have come out yet.

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Looks like a very good job. You don’t need the stitches any more. It. Might be an idea to make an appointment with the nurse to have them removed.

Ok - is it bad to leave them? Is it because they might become infected?

No it’s mainly because they could leave a little scarring from an aesthetic point of view.

Thank you. Weirdly both of the last stitches actually fell out yesterday! So I'm finally stitch-free

Excellent! You can start thinking about taking your new cabriolet for a test drive!


It's lovely indeed. I wish your partner will get maximum pleasure

I don’t think you should be worried with the stitches they will dissolve soon. This Thursday will be 6 weeks I still 3 stitches

Same! Thursday will be exactly 6 weeks for me too.


It looks ok for a circumcised penis, but those stitches need to come out.

jinxjammers in reply to Bucky85

Okay thank you. Can I ask - what is the issue with leaving them, will they become infected? Right now they're sort of scabbed over.

Bgfgg in reply to jinxjammers

They can create stitch tunnels

jinxjammers in reply to Bgfgg

Ah I see. Weirdly they all fell out yesterday so i'm finally without stitches. !

Bucky85 in reply to jinxjammers

That's great.

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