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Problems with ejaculation


Hello y’all,

So I got circumcised more than a month ago everything is good my penis is fine it’s okay but there’s a problem I can’t ejaculate while having sex with my wife we got freshly married and when I visit her the first day we had sex I felt that I’m gonna Ejaculate but I could not do it I don’t know why we were trying it so hard but I can’t oral sex everything I just can’t but while masturbating I can easy don’t know what’s the problem please help

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You removed 20,000 nerve endings.

Some men can never get to completion after that. Its not unheard of

McIrn612's reply is just cruel. Sure, you removed 20,000 nerve endings, but there are plenty left. Whether circumcised or not, guys can ejaculate from stimulation of other parts of the penis, even from prostate massage and electrical stimulation sometimes.

What I believe is going on is a mental process. Us guys are all full of psychological stuff. Because you are now concerned about ejaculation with your new circumcision and all, your psychology is temporarily getting in the way. It won't happen right away, but you'll start ejaculating during intercourse and oral sex again.

Many guys report that post-circumcision orgasms are stronger than before.

- Jeremy,

Bucky85 in reply to Medibation

McIrn612 is absolutely correct.

What Jeremy said. Most likely, since you can ejaculate when masturbating, there isn't a problem with the process itself, as you can do it, it is most likely psychological as you are nervous. Freshly circumcised you can feel nervous about how it feels, if it is good etc. Once you calm down it will get easier and you will be able to ejaculate just like you were able before.

I had a similar issue, but with me it was also psychological, I was worried about it being tender or sore etc but then I kept going and was fine afterwards :).

Good luck.

You have lost the erogenous nerves in the foreskin. Some circumcised men have great difficulty in reaching orgasm. Your doctor should have warned you before you granted consent for surgery. If he did not do so, then you may have grounds for a suit.


lenon23 , today i am day 43 of full circumcision, had a discussion with the Surgeon 2 day ago , although cleared for sex , the head is still sore and the mental aspect will affect you as you tend to want to stop, keep practicing that the fun part , it will get better . i find the the most comfortable sex position is from behind like the spoon style. As per the doctor it does take a few month to adjust , especially older men , i am 58 years old. married for 35 years..

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