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Quick update on circumcision


I tried doing the salt and water bath but I didn’t it every 3 min and poured salt and water where the stitches were. I let it dried up and 3 stitches came out but one was small, when I pulled it out it was deep in my skin but felt no pain pulling it out. I would say it was almost half an inch long. Is this normal when you remove stitches off? My penis looks pretty weird from where the stitches were pulled out.

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By now im sure you are healed. For anyone wondering anout this, it’s normal, some stitches knots take up more space than other and the skin swells around them, after a while when the swelling reduces and healing occurs it will look less of a hole. I had a few shocks when i we t through this think oh no ive a hole! But it was grand over time!!

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