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Is my post-circumcision frenulum infected?


I was circumcised 7 days ago and whilst the front of the wound is healing nicely, the area where my frenulum was looks pretty horrendous. People always say this bit is the slowest to heal but I am still anxious. There is a very very small amount of discharge but there is no smell or pain. How does this compare to others after a week?

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Mr Warwick266 morning! Mine was doing almost the some, what i did is i took a soft towel deep it in worm water put it around and squeeze it slowly. This can be water or blood stucked on one place. Try doing it that way and see if the is changes

It doesn't look infected to me, but I am not doctor or nurse so my opinion is that of a non-professional. The frenulum is indeed the most sensitive part, the most swollen part (usually) and the part that takes the longest to heal. After 1 week yours doesn't look anything unusual and I wouldn't worry too much.

Try to use antiinflamatory pills like ibuprofen, and putting a bag of frozen peas (in a towel) on your crotch to try and help get the swelling down.

You can also try salt/chamomile tea baths to help the healing.

I don't see any reason to be worried or concerned about, good luck.

Its normal to be swollen. Give it time and it will look like new.

There is lots of oedema, causing swelling, but it does not look infected in the image.

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