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Advice - circumcision incision scar sensitive


Hi all, first post here!

I had my circ done two months ago and I’m happy with the appearance and healing process.

I abstained from masturbation for 7 weeks to be safe.

Last week I was able to comfortably engage in oral sex, but found that penetrative sex was too uncomfortable. It felt like this discomfort was around the incision scar line. Is this normal for two months in?

I don’t believe it’s worth posting an image as there’s nothing unusual!

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Any advice?

Oils and slight pulling to restore some elasticity Palmers coco with e oil is great.


The scar takes a few months to settle down fully and blend into the shaft.

During this time you may find it has a hard/bumpy feel.

What kind of discomfort are you describing, painful or over sensative?

Jdhdjskaksksx in reply to Hidden

Oversensitive, mainly where the frenulum was. It’s okay with clothes, but was difficult rolling condom and the motion of penetration

It has been reported that the scar line is the most sensitive area of the circumcised penis.

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