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Reduced Sensation in Penis

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Hey all, so this just happened last week. I was using a sex toy that I lubed the first time, but took a break that resulted in the lube partially drying up. I believed water was sufficient to make the lube work again and proceeded with that.

Now I'll just go ahead and make a list of things where it may have gone wrong.

1). Upon inserting it, I noticed that it may have reduced blood circulation towards my head.

2). After climaxing I felt a longer-than-usual sensation.

3a). I closed my eyes to try to urinate, but when I opened my eyes because nothing was coming out, my penis looked a bit swollen.

3b). It looked as if I still had an erect penis but my entire shaft retracted and it was just my head that was big, it seemed as if it was engorged. I still managed to urinate fine

4). I now have reduced sensation of the upper portion of my penis (top of head/shaft).

5). I've been to paranoid to masturbate, let alone try to achieve an erection.

It has been 5 days since this event and I have not masturbated since. My penis can still become erect, but I ignore it and let it become flaccid. I am too concerned about what happened and I think that may contribute to my anxiety and my inability to bother getting an erection. I plan on seeing a doctor some time next week, but what is the best thing to do in my state? I am unsure if I have ED or if I injured a couple of nerves. But I do believe abstaining from masturbating is for the best. Thank you!

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Sounds rough mate, I’d get to the doc’s Especially if your struggling to urinate, check for emergency appointment before next week. Good Luck

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I only had issues urinating that night, I can urinate fine at the moment. My primary concern is my lack of sensitivity now!

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Maybe you should try masturbating again to check if sensitivity has returned?

I did something similar once. I was in a hotel at a convention, and discovered a long, tapered pen. Thinking it would really fun for urethral insertion, I started looking around for lube. All I could find was shampoo. So, like an idiot, I stuck the pen in with shampoo. It started stinging right away. I took it out, but was way too late. For a week afterward, there was considerable stinging, and my penis was swollen and lacked sensation just as you describe. I recovered fully, and I'm sure you will to. Cheers! - Jeremy,

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Oh my, that must have been rough! My apologies, but I must also include that I did not do any urethral insertion but used a rather small japanese onahole

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