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Hard Ball Under Skin Post Circumcision


Hey All,

So, 17 days ago I was circumcised. Everything is healing well, however about 10 days I had a stitch pull while I was driving and it started bleeding quite a lot. It stopped bleeding on its own (I didn't know it was bleeding as I was driving), but a hard mass under the skin, probably about the rise of a raisin has formed where it clotted, and it hasn't really reduced in size. The massive scab is still there, and the ball of what presumably is blood remains. Will this go away on its own naturally, or will the surgeon likely have to open it up and take that blood out?

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That is internal bleeding that happened while you were driving. Internal bleeding is what causes bruising. If it stopped bleeding and this lump did not grow further you are on the way of recovery. Most probably the next few days you will develop a nasty bruise on the area but don't be alarmed it will heal by time. If on the other hand it will continue to grow or will remain the same size it would be better if you show it to your Dr. Only a Dr can prescribe any medications or creams if necessary.

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