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Medication to lessen painful erections post circumcision operation?

Are there any medications available to lessen erections until the stitches from circumcision have dissolved? Can’t sleep any night due to constant pain from them

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There are pain killers but you don't want that and here is why: Night time erection pain wakes you up so you, when woken up, can "stop" the erection. If you take pills that numb that pain, you won't wake up, the erection might be ongoing, and then you might wake up with bleeding or torn stitches because your body didn't feel the pain and didn't stop it.

So I would recommend not to drink past 6PM, when sleeping on the site, fetal position, when sleeping on the back, sleep with your knees up (lessens the strain). When you wake up have some unsexy thoughts ready to help the erection go down. But the fact that you wake up is good, you can get it down. You don't wake up, it lasts and can cause issues, especially if still fresh post op.

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Thanks Cipher

Ketoconazole, 400mg, taken 3x/day for 10-14 days will generally do the trick. Ask your doctor about it.

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Thanks Jim!

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Hi Jim, do you know why they would prescribed Ketoconazole? Because is it that a fungal medication? I could not find the answer to why it is prescribed for preventing erection that's why I am asking this question. Let me know if you do? Thank you.

Never take any medication that was not prescribed for you. Pain killers are not going to prevent erections. The problem is that the longer you stay without any sexual activity, the more erections you are going to get. You will feel stinging and might find blood or serous stains in your underwear. This is going to happen often during the night . If you have further questions either post here or else pm and I will answer you my best as a Registered Nurse.

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Thanks Nfor. Going to have a chat with the doctor today. Just exhausted because getting them 8 to 10 times a night and the only solution is to get up and walk around. I’m 4 weeks today after my operation and can’t go back to work without sleeping.

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