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Recently circumcised. Infected?


Was circumcised on the 18th of this month. I’ve started showering 2 times a day since the 3rd day as I keep getting this discharge. Do I need medical attention? Any advice is appreciated. Many thanks. More pictures with this link

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Get it looked at, might be infection.


I personally think it’s okay. I continued to experience discharge and bleeding for two weeks.

However I am no medical expert, so I agree with Dizzy that it may be prudent to have a specialist examine it.

Edit: having looked at the further pictures on the link you have provided, it may possibly be infected....

Had same problem, doc said not infected. It's just not clean. Clean it better, use cotton buds. Give it some medicine. Here in Indonesia we use betadine. Doc also gave me a powder type antibiotic (nabecitin). Find equivalents in your country or by docs recommendation. The powder AB helped alot in drying the wound


The yellow stuff looks like normal leakage of fluid from the body, which is expected to continue until healing of the circumcision wound is complete.

Do you have any signs of infection such as redness, soreness, or fever? If not, then you probably are OK.

Connor321 in reply to Bucky85

Nope. But as I say this I’m at the doctors waiting for my appointment 🙂

I have a slight red area around where my skin is peeling (so I don't think it's an infection) but I had that normal leakage you were talking about. I have an appointment on the 29th but might try get it done earlier.

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