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Left side lower back pain


For some time now I've had lower back pain on my left side. Within the last 2 days is gotten worse to where I can't get comfortable and my testicle gets Sharp shooting pain. I usually just relaxing the hot tub to take away some of the pain but lately nothing's working I can't even lean to that side because they'll start hurting. The pain is kind of towards my hip on my left side. Every time I go to the doctors they always want to say it's a strained muscle. But but if it was a muscle eventually it would go away. But this isn't going away and now my testicles are starting to hurt even to wear sometimes I have to hold them while I walk. What could this be and how could I treat this

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Have you been to a GP or to a certain specialist? Have you been examined by a specialist and told it is "nothing"? Or has it been a GP's opinion. Of course there are exceptions to it, but I generally found out that GPs are only good for getting referrals to actually specialised doctors.

If you require your GPs referral to visit a specialist, ask for a referral. If he refuses to give you one, you need to seek out a private doctor that will run the tests and if they find something, either through your insurance or directly to the doctor demand compensation or file for malpractice on the doctors side.

If you don't need a referral, skip the GP and go directly to the specialist. Lower back pain can be a few factors (age is one of them, since you did not disclose it I cannot say). It could be spinal problems (alignment, growths, pinched/blocked nerve, kidney stone, other kidney issues) but if you mentioning sharp pain in your testicles then you also might consider a urologist? I am not a doctor myself and I am posting only assumptions, nothing more. It is just a variety of things it could be so those are the few options you could look at.

Don't let yourself be shut down by a GP (if that is the case). My friend visited one 3 times claiming he had issues, he was dismissed with "paracetamol", later we found out he had mono .... so much for GPs.

Good luck,


I would go back to your GP and explain that the pain is now affecting your testicle. He may do some tests or do an immediate referral to a specialist. This might help:


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