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Penile mild burning

For the past week i have had burning after peeing and ejaculating, i also have like an itchy feeling just under my ball sack and above my bum. Started with an itch i thought was irritation to my head.

I had slight redness to the tip of my penis so i had a sexual health test (waiting results) and visted my GP.

I am being treated with cream for a yeast infection but i am not convinced as the itchy feeling is pretty much all the time now, orginally i thought it was my bum itching but its more scrotum area and if i put presure there it itches.

Earlier i ejeculated and my sperm seemed a slight yellow colour.

Im wondering in any other guy has had this??

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I have had in the past, after I ejaculated, and then peed it could burn really bad for a while, but that ended up being nothing, but with all your other symptoms, I don’t think it was the same thing.


I hope this is nothing! Worrying when its the private areas and not convinced cream will clear it up


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