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Preventing painful friction of penis head

Im on day 12 after Circumcision most of my stitches are only holding on one part of the incision i think its because of the erections but thats not a problem,the head of the penis is still sensitive ,when i go out i cover my penis with toilet paper it helps quite well on stopping the pain caused by friction but its hard to remove it because the bleeding causes it to stick then dry on the wound and become very paintful to remove

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Hi The paper is a good idea, but when you need to remove it just soak it and it should just fall away from your penis.

As for the sensations your getting, when you can go with it, its the only way your get over it as your penis head gets used to it.



When going out I would use melonin dressings, these are shiny on one side so less likely to stick. Also Vaseline will help reduce sticking.


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