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Problem with dry/flakey skin

Ok, so for quite a while the skin on my face (mainly on my cheeks and nose, but also my forehead) has been very dry. When I rub my face, my cheeks feel quite dry and bumpy and the dryness is apparent throughout the rest of my face. Rubbing doesn’t do much, but if I were to rub with a little bit more effort, some skin would come off. I have tried different moisturisers, exfoliaters, etc. But the effect is always only temporary. Now, recently (maybe a week back), I noticed that when I’m drying myself off after a shower a lot of skin comes off (mainly my legs and back). I’m not sure if this is a result of me recently taking hotter showers or if I have some condition that started with my face and has now moved onto the rest of my body. Nothing like this has ever happened before and I can’t really find anything on google about it, so I was hoping someone here would know what I’m talking about and have a solution, whether it be a specific cream or some ancient remedy I just want to get rid of it. Also, incase it’s important to note: I’m a 16 year old male.

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