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Shrunken Testacles


I am 68 years old. I want to know if a person doesn't have sex or masturbate for a period of time, can his testicles shrink? Upon manual inspection, I think that my testicles have grown smaller. In fact the left testicle seems smaller than the right. How can I get some more size to them? With smaller testicles, am I still able to get a woman pregnant?

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That’s just another aspect of aging. Your penis will also shrink.

The first answer is yes men still produce sperm into old age so they have the capacity to get a woman pregnant. I would imagine the testicles shrinking is normal as generally the whole body shrinks as we age. Also, it is quite normal to have one testicle smaller than the other.

Charlie Chaplin’s last child was born when he was 73. So if you’re lucky enough to be having sex with a student you should still take precautions ☺️

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