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Bleeding after circumcision



So I'm circumcised 4 days ago and i woke up this morning with one side a bit bleeding. It's not like A LOT but i keeps bleeding a bit.. its also not hurting im just worried a stich came out or something. But if a stich came out i expect a lot more bleeding.. So yeah idk

Also i like pee 10 times a day and thats no joke haha

I just wanna know if thats common, that im not the only one with this

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Small bleeds ate common for the first week or 2.

I used to get the odd minor bleed following an erection as it pulled the stitches slightly.

I pissed a lot too in the days following the surgery, I just assumed it was an effect of the local anaesthetic.

Bleeding after circumcision before the stitches dissolve is normal.

Like you, I was worried about the blood. So I visited my local hospital's outpatient department. A nurse examined me and assured me that some bleeding is inevitable. She told me to make an appoinment with my doctor if the bleeding became excessive.

So I pass on her advice to you.


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