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12 days post Circumcision- hypersensitive and sticking Glans

My sons- age 9 & 11- are on day 12 post Circumcision today and both still unable to wear any type of underwear. They both had severe phimosis, so I understand their glans have never been exposed to anything prior to the procedure so the hyper sensitivity makes sense. Their father (not circ, but been able to retract foreskin since pre-puberty) and school both seem to think they should already be able to wear underwear and get on with life. I am not concerned with hypersensitivity at this point- as many forums have given testimonies from many patients that this was typical. However, despite globs and globs of Vaseline, per doctors direction, Their glans still have gotten stuck to blankets or their T-shirt/gowns. This has caused the glans to bleed when they have pulled them away to quickly. Each warm shower softens the “scabs” and also causes light bleeding. Is this normal this far into recovery? Anything I have found about bleeding is referring to incision site... and not the actual glans. How long will their glans be producing the sticky stuff (lymph?)? I am thinking they will not be able to wear underwear until the sticking reduces significantly as it seems to cause them to progress backwards on their glans healing.

Also, what’s typical length of “missed school” during recovery for this age?

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I live in LA and I got mine done 12 days ago. My doctor told me to put Sudocream ( healing cream) or Vaseline around the stitches then put the gauze around it . I am doing that until now and it has been helping me a lot . My head is less sensitive and so far I didn’t have any problem with sticking them with blanket or clothes. I have to change the gauze after I used the restroom to keep it clean though. I still see tiny bit of blood coming out from the stitches on my 12th day but the wound is not swollen much and I feel itchy from the stitches which means that it is healing well according to my doctor. I would suggest just cover with gauze around the stitches/ wound after applying the cream and it will definitely help your sons from having those problems. Bless them and good luck.

P.S - if the gauze is a big size , you should cut the size as you needed .

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Thanks for the advice! I have seen lots of healing improvement the past two days. Thankful for Vaseline! Today is day 15 since operation- any idea when the stitches will start dissolving or falling out? Nothing on the paperwork mentions the timeline for this.


I had my stitches removed after two weeks by the check-up. If you leave them too long in, you get ugly stitch tunnels.


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