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What's the Best Medication for Epididymitis

Epididymitis is surely an inflammation with the epididymis. Common treatments for epididymitis include therapy, medication and surgery. Different selection of epididymitis treatment will lead to different epididymitis healing time.


Acupuncture has reportedly benefited some patients. Therapy such as elevation with the scrotum, cold compresses, warm sitz bath applied regularly towards the scrotum may relieve the pain in acute cases. For people with just one, brief episode of pain in an early on, this may prevent progression in the symptoms in just a month. In addition, these therapies may become far better together with medication.


-Antibiotics. If folks have an obvious infection, they will be given the right antibiotic (doxycycline, co-amoxiclav, ofloxacin or trimethoprim). Antibiotics usually resolve acute epididymitis infections in a very limited time, however no less than one to two weeks of intramuscularly antibiotic treatments are recommended; and after that continue 2 to 4 weeks of orally antibiotic therapy to eradicate the offending organism completely. In chronic epididymitis, a four- to six-week course of antibiotics may be prescribed to ensure the complete eradication of the possible bacterial cause, particularly the various chlamydiae all causes of epididymitis.

-Anti-inflammatory drugs. In many patients, stronger painkillers are needed and individuals might need referral for the local pain management specialists. Here, peole might be given drugs which suppress activity in the nerve fibres that carry pain impulses on their spinal-cord and brain. These may include: amitryptiline (Tryptizol™); gabapentin (Neurontin™); and pregabalin (Lyrica™). A minimum of 14 days treatment solutions are required.

-Herbal medicine. If treatments including antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs all fail and epididymitis pain comes and goes, people could be advised to consider Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. Unlike pain-killer which cannot resolve the underlyling cuase of epididymitis and antibiotics that have side effects and drug resistance, premature ejaculation pills can totally cure the sickness in 3-6 months (terrible one might need more time).

Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, together with the most well-known TCM treatment, has show great advantages on curing male urinary and reproductive dieases including chronic prostatitis and chronic epididymitis thoroughly. It has successfully helped many sufferers back to normal.


A full epididymectomy might be required in refractory cases. In cases with unrelenting testicular pain, removal from the entire testicle can also be warranted. After the procedure, patient need 1 or 2 months to recuperate along with some anti-inflammatory drugs prescribed by the doctor.