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Small cracks/tears on upper part of foreskin


I have had this issue for maybe two years already but I haven't seen a doctor yet because it's not causing that many problems, but still it's annoying me. I have a sort of small cracks/tears on the upper part of foreskin around the glans. During sexual stimulation this place gets easily irritated. I have been using calcium cream to ease the irritation. My suspicion is that I might have caused it by rough sexual acitivities, but it doesn't seem to be healing much even if I abstain from sexual stimulation for some time. I have taken a picture to show the issue I'm describing:

If someone's got any idea how to treat this I'd be very thankful.

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Could be lichen sclerosis or balanitis. See a doc and he will prescribe the correct cream and it should heal very quickly. When it s healed don't forget to moisturize your best friend.

laal91 in reply to marktaoh

Thanks for the help, I'll go to see a doc as soon as possible.

you have phimosis you need surgery daw

laal91 in reply to jamesmcallan

My foreskin retracts quite easily so it's not phimosis.

jamesmcallan in reply to laal91

I had the same thing going on but after months then it started not retracting

mine retracted too for years but i haad exactly those small craccks and tears everyone told me that it is infeection yeast and ect. but then it turned out thats due to phimosis

same here, I got it because I didn't use a condom when having sex with my ex. The tears made my skin lose elasticity.

show it to an urologist, until you do that theres noone here can tell you anything and eeven if they will, you still nee to viisit urologist because

Looks like phimosis. Thats how it started with me and after a few years using cream, eventually had to have a circumcision. Get it checked.

Cracks and tears are almost always caused by yeast. Athlete’s Foot cream usually cures it in two weeks or less. Yeast comes from taking antibiotics of from washing the foreskin with soap.

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