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Flu can intensify the symptoms of prostatitis

In recent days temperature changes sharply with heavy rain and snow. Weak wale are typically coming down using the flu, that makes people suffering fromchronic prostatitis feel more uncomfortable. Hence, men should lay increased exposure of their own prostate and prevention of prostate diseases. In the opinion of traditional Chinese medicine, frequent massage on two main health preservation acupoints may help prevent prostatitis.

Flu can worsen the signs and symptoms of prostatitis

Prostatitis is a type of male disease, in most cases peak noisy . winter. High temperature in summer improves blood flow and releases the symptoms of prostatitis, however, not yet better. If people indulge themselves in Autumn, he'll sustain an sudden attack of prostatitis

Two factors give rise to be simple recurrence of prosatitis in the winter months. First, lower immunity on account of flu make bacteria enter body system with less effort. Second, sharp daily temperature swings excite sympathetic nerves, shrink muscle of glands and vessels prostatitis antibiotics not helping, and block the excretion of prostate fluid, resulting in aggravating symptoms like frequent and urgent urination.

Two acupoints benefits the prevention of prostatitis

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, prostatitis are with the signs of cloudy semen, stranguria, uroschesis and seminal dribbling block. The rate of prostatitis is increasing year after year and two etiological factor are held responsible for it. One is the ignorance of the hygiene of personal parts, exogenous evils stepping into the body system from lower orifices and transmit infection to prostate tissues. The other an example may be excessive sexes, ejaculation-holding or masturbation, making prostate congestion and blood stasis in lower energizer. People can preserve prostate by massaging Zhongji hole and Guanyuan hole.

By the way, understand that seek medical attention could be the first choice. As to chronic prostatitis, it responds well to Chinese medicine. And the product Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill proves quite effective.

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