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the Recurrence of Urinary Tract Infection

Prostatitis urinary tract infection, also known as urinary system infection, is often a bacterial infection marked by inflammation of urothelium. People with this disease often experience its recurrences, bring troubles on their life and decreasing their confidence in prostatitis treatment. However, they understand little about how precisely to cure it. Here, says Dr. Di Jinming, chief physicians from the Third Affiliated Hospital, Sun Yat-Sen University, there's two factors with the recurrence of urinary tract infection-still information on pathogenic bacteria and abuse of medicine during treatment.

Dr. Jin indicate that urinary tract infection results fro 3 main factors: invasive bacteria (bacteria enter into urinary : and results in inflammation from it), urinary tract deformity (congenital urinary tract deformity triggers bladder infection ), personal diseases like weak immunity, immunity dysfunction and underlying diseases. Foe example, ladies have short, broad and straight urinary tracts, making bacteria easily enter into them; and the easy infections often get lucky and people with congenital short urethra and vagina. In addition, other concerns including urinary obstruction and urolithiasis improve the risks of getting bladder infection. If patients usually are not totally free from all of these factors, there can be a strong possibility of recurrence will chronic prostatitis go away.

To avoid abuse of drugs

excessive use of medication can simply arise for the duration of treatment. Some patients excessively rely on antibiotics. Usually they take oral antibiotics immediately once feel uncomfortable urination, even large-dose, long-duration antibiotics therapy notwithstanding symptom-free. However, abuse of antibiotics may result in dysbacteria and bacterial resistance within the body, bring problems for human health insurance and inefficiency of antibiotics to a higher treatment.

Another condition may be the inadequate use of medication. Some patients don’t visit a physician, instead, they prefer to purchase antibiotics on their own; but most ones don’t follow the full course whenever they no more possess symptoms, making bladder infection recur later.

For reasons above, Chinese medicine might be a better choice without the side-effect and drug resistance. Patients suffering from URI will have a try at Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill which proves very useful. this system is developed by herbalist Lee Xiaoping who specilizes in the field of male or female reproductive and urinary system for three decades.