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I've Never Believed in TCM for Prostatitis Treatment Before, After This I'm Quite Confident in it

i was diagnosed with chronic bacterial prostatitis several years ago. i had urgent urinate, frequent urinate, lower abdominal pain, pain with urinate, pain in penis, drips after urinate, swelling urethral orifice, sticky and white urethral orifice. i tried all things from antibiotics to herbal supplements(expensive).

my friend persuaded me to try an herbal medicine called Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for my prostatitis, but i didn't trust tcm actually, i just wanted to take one month pills to have a try. after about three weeks, i was seeing quite an improvement.

after two month pills, my urgent and drips after urinate were almost gone, but the urethral orifice was still swelling.

at the end of third months treatment, the swell at my urethral orifice had subsided for several days but later it reappeared, and lower abdominal pain sometimes occurred.

In the middle of fourth month medication, my tests for prostate were all with good results and i was feeling quite good. i've never believed in tcm before, after this i'm quite confident in it.

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